My addition to Tara’s Song of Myself Playlist

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Hey Everyone. I love tara’s idea of a “song of myself” playlist, so here’s my addition. I just saw Dave Matthews Band this past Sunday at the Tweeter Center (they are my fave band (although i have other faves too) by the way) and I think Whitman would have really enjoyed a song called “Lying in the Hands of God” off the band’s new cd. I think Whitman would have especially like the chorus and this song has some sexy imagery, which he would have definitely enjoyed! I have posted a video below for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy!

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8 Responses to “My addition to Tara’s Song of Myself Playlist”

  1. emilym Says:
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    Thanks for posting this. I just downloaded this and other songs from the album from itunes after seeing the video.

  2. erinm Says:
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    you are very welcome! Every song on that album is good. can’t go wrong with Dave, I do think. I think i’ll be adding new songs throughout the semester too. so, keep reading! and by the way, thanks for reading!

  3. taraw Says:
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    Awesome! We’ll have an entire ipod for Whitman by the time we’re done!

  4. taraw Says:
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    I propose we “tag” these ipod (all lowercase) and create a compilation that way! It’ll be easier to navigate the entire playlist if we continue to add.

  5. adamb Says:
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    Dave Matthews is still making music?

  6. erinm Says:
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    great idea. it has been tagged.

  7. erinm Says:
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    and adam,

    yup! he’s still making music!! and the new album even though it’s without Leroi (the sax player.) is definitely worth a listen. check it out!

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